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What We Use to Get The Job Done


Rescue 22

Heavy Rescue

Rescue 22 is our main truck, set up and equipped to handle most all of our calls. R22 was purchased used from Connecticut in 2021. R22 can operate 10 Hurst Jaws of life tools at once. 4 of those Hurst tools being Edraulic, battery operated. R22 is set up with extensive vehicle, rope, agriculture, and machinery rescue equipment. R22 holds most of our highly technical equipment. Such as Plasma Cutter, Grain Bin Rescue tube, Elevator tools and many more. R22 even has an inflatable swift water boat onboard.

Rescue 23

Rescue 23 is used for swift water incidents within Rockingham County on all 3 rivers and in flooded water. There are 2 boats on R23 along with wet and dry suits, Type V PFDs, Rope, Rope Gun, boat motor, and much more. This truck and equipment help make up the Rockingham Swift Water Rescue Team with Eden and Reidsville Rescue for state wide deployments. RCSWRT is a FEMA type 3 team and can deploy nationwide.


Rescue 21

Heavy Rescue

Rescue 21 was purchased by Madison Rescue in 2012 brand new. R21 responds second for Technical Rescue incidents. R21 is the truck we respond to assist outside of our district for Rescue calls. R21 is set up to handle vehicle, rope, structural collapse, and machinery rescue incidents.

Rescue 27

Rescue 27 is our Ambulance, used for Emergency and non-Emergency patient transports. Rescue 27 is staffed by two NC EMT-B's who are part time and full time staff members. Day and Night Shifts! Rescue 27 is our 4X4 Ambulance, great for bad weather, and accessing patients off road.


Rescue 28


Rescue 28 was purchased used in early 2024 from a fire department in Texas. This ambulance will be our first with a Stryker Stretcher lift. Which lifts the stretcher instead of the rescuers lifting the stretcher, helping to prevent back injuries. This is a 2014 Frazier built with an onboard generator to power the HVAC unit. This Ambulance will be used for emergency and non-emergency scene transports by our volunteers and paid staff. This will transport for convalescent transports also. To and from the hospital, homes, nursing facilities, and doctors appointments. This truck will be used for event standbys, ie bike race, downtown festival, school event.  

Rescue 29 & ATV Trailer


Rescue 29 is a 2023 3500 Diesel tow vehicle. R29 was purchased and outfitted completely with State Grant Money. R29 stays with our ATV trailer to allow quick response for off road incidents. ATV Trailer has both our ATVs inside. Once the ATVs are pulled out, the trailer becomes a command center. With TVs, HVAC, Tables and chairs, Medical supplies, Computers and WIFI, and many other command and rescue supplies.



ATV-2 is a Honda Rancher 400, purchased new completely with Grant money. ATV-2 is used for a single rescuer to make fast access to a patient in heavily wooded and rough areas off road while ATV-1 finds a way in safely. ATV-2 has Red lights, a winch, medical bag and hand tools.


Our John Deer Gator is used for off-road rescue and search for large events. ATV 1 can transport patients or rescuers in almost all off road areas. ATV 1 has medical and rope rescue equipment on board to provide fast and safe care for any patient.


Zodiac Boats

Madison Rescue has multiple Zodiac style boats for swift water rescue. These inflatable boats are able to be used by an outboard motor, or by paddles. There is a total of 4 of these style boats. We have one Wing P4.2, Two Zodiac 420s, and one Zodiac 470. Along with these boats we have 3 outboard motors to power these boats in fast moving water.

Boat 1

Boat 1 is a 20 foot Parker center console outboard boat. This boat was bought used from another state agency. Boat 1 during the summer is docked at Carolina Marina for fast response, while our other boats are at our lake base a mile away. Boat 1 has lights, siren, sonar, and a full compliment of medical equipment.

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