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What We Use to Get The Job Done


Rescue 21

Heavy Rescue

This truck is set up for automobile accidents with Jaws of Life, high angle rope rescue equipment and a large light tower.


This vehicle is used for off-road rescue and search for large events.


Rescue 22

Heavy Rescue

This vehicle is equipped for medical, motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, confined spaces and structural collapses with the Jaws of Life and many other useful tools.

Rescue 23

The Swift Water Rescue Truck responds in county with three rivers. This truck is used in Rockingham County. The Swift Water Team is a Type 3 Federal FEMA Team. This truck is equipped with three boats, wet suits, dry suits, Type V life jackets, rope and rigging, a rope gun, throw bags, helmets, boots, a stokes basket, scene lights and lots of other special equipment.


Rescue 27

This is a 4WD ambulance that is used in off-road rescue. This vehicle transports sick patients all over the state as well as out of state.

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